Nature Bound was started in 2012 when I was home bound for several months due to several chronic illnesses.  I would sit outside and meditate to the birds chirping, wind blowing & sun shinning on my skin.  Soaking up all the elements of the earth helped me in my process of healing.  I was sparked to bring that same therapeutic feeling to others so I created Nature Bound.  Sometimes we are too busy to notice the beauty in water, trees, and wildlife.  It is my goal to inspire you to take in all of the elements that surround you everyday.  Hopefully my pieces will inspire you to be at peace, and appreciate all the small beauties that this world offers us.


Why Choose Nature Bound?

This is a one person business creatively designing, producing, and wrapping with love every single item.  My goal is to offer unique, one of a kind pieces that will fill your home with warmth and love.  I hope when you hold a piece from my store you can feel the story that is ingrained into the wood. 

Since Nature Bound sources only discarded organic materials, this business is not being wasteful instead is restoring life back into trees that once served us. By reshaping a fallen tree into something new and beautiful again, I am serving you with a high quality home decor piece that you can cherish in your home for a lifetime.

There is so much love poured into the process of creating every item that is available in the online store.  I hope you too fall in love with an item and its story, because they all are an endless vessel of joy and happiness.